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If You're Fighting a 'Culture War' You've Already Lost

"Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, then My servants would be fighting so that I would not be handed over to the Jews; but as it is, My kingdom is not of this realm."" - John 18:36 NASB

You can almost see his mind calculating whether he's holding it right...

This post is for my Evangelicals...

The culture war has been in the news a lot lately. Pundits are writing about it. News outlets lead with it as a story. The President has (again) made barking about culture wars the central plank of his campaign along with various other divisive issues. To be clear I don't care if you want to tie yourself in knots arguing with every Internet bad ass until early in the morning - unless you're a Believer. If you're a Believer you have more important things to concern yourself with than trying to make sure a baseball team in Cleveland keeps its sambo-like cartoon caricature of a native person or a syrup keeps its mammy.

I'm really okay leaving "mammy" images in the past...

That's my thesis. Let me develop these thoughts further. I'm going to get into three reasons you (if you're an American Evangelical Christian) are already losing/have already lost any culture war. It's not because everybody but you is evil either. Not much makes me angrier and I fear I'm not a good enough writer to get these points across solely on the page. That's why I made this video. Each of these arguments stand on their own:

1. There is no culture war. It's a phrase made up by politicians and activists to manipulate the simple-minded into voting around a single issue, candidate or platform. It is a scare tactic. It is used to move you and to elevate a person or party into the position of your champion and defender in said war.

2. If there is a culture war, you've already lost it. If you believe that the Bible will degrade to the place of near anarchy and massive despondency leading to the rise of Antichrist, you also have to believe that such is inevitable. [Side note: That being true you then have to wrestle with whether you believe the rest of the Book and, most important, you then have to ask yourself what you’re going to do about it. I'll get into how I've decided to handle it all in a moment.]

In any regard, Biblically-speaking, the church itself would be the reason for moral decline in a society. Blaming society is skirting the issue. Too many scriptures to cite but if Believers want to see a more just and righteous society it begins with us. It's not political and it's not about better education. The saints have not sought the Lord earnestly, treated one another with love and compassion let alone spread the good news or made disciples. All most Believers want to do is cuss and fuss about "the world" and "librulls" and such. Everything "wrong" with America is the church's fault.

(For the record, being that racist images are coming down and people are rejecting supremacy based on class and race, police are being required to honor basic human rights in their jobs and opportunities are being opened up to the previously disenfranchised it looks like Christ's work and repentance from past sins to me.)

3. If there is a culture war, it's not yours to fight. Bottom line is if you're a Christian and you're listening to, paying attention to, concerned about or reading about 'culture wars' you're already off mission and fighting a losing battle. There is no “battle” nor should there be being that Christ’s kingdom is not of this world. Our job is to spread the gospel and make disciples. Put another way, we are to be inviting people into the ark.

Bottom line is if you're a Christian and you're listening to, paying attention to, concerned about or reading about 'culture wars' you're already off mission and fighting a losing battle.

The job isn’t to constantly tell them how evil they are or even try to make them less evil. The job is to live a life that honors God, show them another way and invite them into The Way. Our love for one another is supposed to make our invitation attractive. Christ’s kingdom is not of this world. The US Constitution isn't scripture and our nation gets it wrong often. Our job is to spread the gospel, make disciples, love each other, fight for justice and care for the least among us.

The world is supposed to see us caring for the least of those among us and be inspired. Loving each other. Reaching the lost. Ministering to the needy. Speaking up for justice. That's our job. Rabid allegiance to "the American way" or "how things have always been" is NOT our job. That's idolatry.

The church is off its mission even speaking about culture wars. That’s a deception and distraction from the enemy. There are souls to be won and loved on. Nobody has accepted an invitation into the ark through hate-mongering. Christ isn’t on either side. He has said Himself that He is on His side.

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